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Monday, July 30, 2012

!Ña Py Mi! (baptism)

!Ña Py Mi! (baptism)

Bernardino and his son Alan were baptized! It has been an incredible experience to see him progress from day one with all the ups and downs. I wish you could meet him, he is hilarious. I have been writing important events/ funny moments on a little calendar I bought. Every day when something cool happens I write it on that day for the calendar, about half the quotes on there are from Bernardino.
In getting ready for his baptism we asked him who he wants to baptize him, his reply "someone with the authority of God". good answer. I wanted Fernando to baptize him but he didn't feel ready to do it and he wanted me to. But he promised to baptize the rest of his family. Fernando´s testimony has strengthened a lot over the past 3 months since his baptism.

Unfortunately his daughter Angelica did not get baptized because her mom would not give her permission. Bernardino has 8 kids but is seperated from Angelicas mom, and she has the authority over some of the kids. The whole situation is a little complicated but for now she will have to wait a bit to get baptized.

It rained like crazy Sunday morning. When it rains in Paraguay, no one comes to church. When it's sunny we have 80 to 100. When it rains we have 10 to 20. Yesterday 15 people came, and 5 were investigators. One who came to church se llama Freddy. Our lesson last night was pureté, we were teaching him the gospel of Jesus Christ (faith, repentance, baptism, recieve the holy ghost, endure to the end). When I had just started talking about faith he interupted me and said, "im going to tell you something, I have been thinking, and I believe I am going to continue reading this book and be baptized in your church." We knew he was a golden investigator but we were still shocked dead because we never hear that from an investigator, especially someone you have been teaching for a week. We actually started to laugh a bit of how random and awesome it was, but then congratulated him for his decision and gave him a baptism date right there.

I dont know if you have been wondering about that amazing family I told you about on mothers day who was going to get baptized sí o sí. the next time we passed by something changed and they didn't want to progress. Some times things happen in the mission without an explanation. Several times have I seen someone who I was 100 percent sure they would get baptized, and then one day some thing happens or they talk to someone and they are not the same, it's a shame really. Well I decided to go back to this family after dropping them for about 2 months, found out the mom died in a car crash. They are pretty shook up about it, we tried talking about the plan of salvation with the dad but I think he needs a little more time before he is ready to accept us. This is a pretty depressing paragraph I know, but it will have a happy ending when he comes to know that he can live with her again.

Well got to go, much love y amor to all

Elder LaFaye

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