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Monday, May 28, 2012

a really good week

I wrote my letter but the computer crashed, I am going to re write it real fast in english.
We had a really good week, numbers wise we were pretty successful.
But here are some of our highlights,
The dad of our converso reciente came to church with two of his kids, le gusto mucho. Our last lesson with him was great, the spirit was strong and their desires to learn more are very high. Fernando, the converso reciente, helps us teach him to prepare him for his mission. Fernando will recieve the socerdocio aaronico next week and then he will baptize his dad and brothers and sisters. He will be a great missionary.
We found an hombre friday, le invitamos a asistir el bautismo sabado de los lideres de zona. He came about a half hour early but liked it a lot, he wanted to share a few words at the end but we ran out of time. He has the strong desires and real intent to find the truth. Tiene muchisimos preguntas pero sabe que Dios puede contestarles. The elders before me taught him 3 or 4 times but was hard to find so they stopped passing by. Right now he is reading in 1 Nefi 17. We are going to bring a few young men his age to help him come to church.
A menos activo, Victor Trinidad and his mama came to church the past 2 weeks after being inactive for a year. They are very excited every time we come over. Victor is living with a woman, they both want to get married and she wants to get baptized. She does understand it very well.
Tiene los deseos y sabe que es el bautismo, pero hasta allí no mas. No estamos muy seguros si debemos bautizarle todovía, pero vamos a continuar enseñandole y invitandole a la iglesia.
Terminé el libro de mormón en mi estudio personal. oré, pregunté al Padre Celestial. yo sé que es verdadero
thanks for everything,
Elder LaFaye

Monday, May 14, 2012

Day after Mother's Day Skype call

We found a family as buenicismo this last week. This family is well prepared to accept the gospel. They are not married yet but she told us she wants to get married in our first visit. They have an 8 year old son and a brother in law, 19. They all have much faith but are not baptized in a church yet because they are waiting to find the true church, (thats where we come in). They understand the restoration perfectly. Last Sunday we fasted to find a prepared family, and Tuesday we find them. The miracles that our Heavenly Father gives us when we exercise our faith is amazing.
I did divisions with elder Wilding here this week, we found another very young family. The guy is 19 and she is 21, have a new baby. He has a lot of faith in Christ. The first visit we taught the restoration and gave the book of Mormon. passed by second time, he read some chapters in 1st Nephi. he asked us the best questions like how do you know God exists? How do you know that this church is true? How do you know that Joseph Smith was a true prophet and that there is a prophet today? How do you know that the Book of Mormon is true? When answering each question, I could feel the Holy Spirit testifying to him. Then we endend ​​a prayer on our knees. I love this feeling. I want that experience every day of my life.
Our recent convert Fernando will receive socerdocio Sunday. We began to teach his brother and father this week. They can see the difference in Fernando and are very curiouso to see if theres actually something more to this church after all. his brother christian seems like a 17 year old rebel kind on the outside, but deep down we can see that has a desire to follow Christ. After we baptize him and the father, he has 5 more children we can baptize.
This change went by way too fast. Time passes very quickly when we are working full time, and its much more fun. Elder White is a very hard working missionary, its been fun working with him. This Wednesday are cambios so he is probably going to leave.
Hey Ben do you have anything of the language learning books from your mission? I want to start reading o livro de mórmon, but i dont have the first clue how to pronounce portuguese. I keep reading it as how you would say it in spanish and I sound rediculous. So if you have anything super basic I`d love it if you could send it down here.
It was awesome seeing you all on Saturday, or at least hearing from you. Reece I think Eric Gibbs only jumped 19`10 and he is doing track at the naval academy. If you get one more foot in the next two years thats a schollarship in the bag to the U of A. Go Cats!
much love,
elder LaFaye

Monday, May 7, 2012

No greater joy

A tough week for us. We have very good investigators but our challenge is that we could not find them. We set many appointments and passed by with member a few times, but were never there. We fasted to overcome this, I know that God will help us to find these people.
Maria Martinez came to church yesterday, she liked it a lot. We are teaching her with her friend Clara and her father hmno Lopez. Clara is a good example for Maria, not afraid to share her testimony and her beliefs with Maria. Our last lesson with her was pretty sweet. Maria told us she knows that the Book of Mormon is true, Joseph Smith was a true prophet, and the Church of Jesus Christ is the only true church.
We were stoked to hear this. She declined the invitation because she has some doubts about baptism because she was baptized into the Catholic church. But that's an easy question to overcome. We will give her the date for May 26 next time.
Edgar is new this week, but we are very excited for him. We gave the foyeto of restoration when we contacted him. When we went to his house he read tolito and had very good questions. He is a man prepared to listen to this message. He has a wife and some children too. We are going to focus on looking for families this week.
Adela and Paula are neighbors of a ward member. We had family home evening with them sometimes throughout the week. Adela told us she would be baptized on Saturday, but Todavia have a challenge with her husband. He does not want to get married, wants to separate. But the house is the problem. The two both have money in the house, so the only solution is to sell the house. The husband wants to sell for a hundred million guarani, something like that. I heard that nobody will pay that much for this house. we will continue to pray because we do not know what else we can do. If I was a skilled real estate person I would go all over the city trying to sell this thing. Now I'm just hoping some guy with more money than brains will move in pronto.
Enrique is a tough guy to find. Lives super far away and has an odd work schedule. But here's the quick story of him, my first week here we went all the way out to his house to bring him to church on Sunday morning, he wasnt there. We didnt pass by again until recently I felt impressed to go try this guy Enrique who i had never met. We get there and have a fantastic lesson. We just sat on the ground because he didnt have anything in his house. He was at a very low point in his life emotionally. After dishing out all the problems he was going through we hugged it out for a few minutes. After hearing how the atonement of Christ can take away all the pain and give him true happiness, tears of joy just came flooding out. We eventually transitioned into baptism, before I could even give him the baptism invitation he looked at me and grabbed me by the hand and asked if I could baptize him. OBVIOUSLY I said yes. He then appologized a dozen times to elder White for not asking him, he just felt that I needed to baptize him for some reason. But he said elder White could baptize his son. He wants him to become a missionary like us. One thing that is key to success as a missionary is to be able to feel the spirit teaching through you. I have experienced no greater joy in the world than helping someone feel the spirit and change their life.
Loving the Mission!
We have some more investigators who told us they want to be baptized, but we have to find them. We will focus on the commitments to attend church. In our last district meeting we practiced making better commitments. No matter if the lesson was buenícimo, we must have a strong commitment to end the lesson. if we do not invite, they will not do anything. Some less active men are helping us to visit some investigators. We hope this will give them more desires to activate and attend church.
I am now studying in 3 Nephi. There is no better teacher of the gospel of Jesus Christ, than Jesus Christ himself. Every word and phrase he says is perfect. I like to think of the question "what would Jesus do". I think sometimes what would Jesus Christ say if he was with me in our lessons. It helps me make better questions, "Go heavenward Elder LaFaye."
We are going to SKYPE Saturday 6pm paraguay time. I think that is 3pm your time. Hope you can all make it, elder White can't do it earlier. Hopefully I won't have all the technical problems like last time, but no promises (third world country down here).
Send some pics of the greer cabin, wish I could be there to help, but at least all the heavy block stuff is done. I could be in this area for around 6 months, but im loving it. The branch is fantastic here. The shoes are sweet, thanks a ton. The Croft and Borrow ones didn't last too long, the Rock Ports are great but the backing is torn up from my heel, blister heaven. we had one week absoluletly freezing, But now its hot again. The giant river here amplifies the weather, if its 50 degrees, feels like 20. If its 85, feels like 110. elder White
is great, super obediant, we get along great. There is a McDonalds, Burger King, and Pizza Hut in Asuncion but they are super expensive. Now I'm eating this stuff called avena for every breakfast and dinner.
I think its like oatmeal, but I just eat it cold and pour in yogurt, tastes fantastic. Randy, Reece, and Robby, if any of you want to send me some peanut butter, I will repay the favor double on your mission.
Randon congrats on receiving the priesthood, to have the same power as Jesucristo, pretty sweet right? gotta go, much love to all.
nos vemos sábado,
Elder LaFaye