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Monday, August 6, 2012

En verdad I am having the time of my life

Hola familia!

Thanks for the photos, Randy looks sooo different! And is Robby standing on a box standing next to mom? keep sending the fotos, I love them.

It's been a pretty successfull week in Encarnacion. The mission is a lot more fun when you have success, and I love having fun so I guess that would give me more desire to be a successfull missionary. Something I learned from Elder Schone is the mission is extremely short, so have fun. But have fun by working hard, by studying hard, and by baptizing. En verdad I am having the time of my life. No importa how many trials come our way, God provides the way.

This Wednesday is cambios, please pray that I don't get transfered. I love the people in this area, our investigadores and miembros are amazing.

We found an antiguo investigador last week Richard Ortiz. He has a great testimony but never wanted to commit to a baptism date. Our lesson yesterday was incredible. Some how me and him have built a strong relationship in 2 weeks, I told him how much I cared about him and told him I want to see his baptism, but it is very probable that I leave Wednesday. He said he will have an answer for us tonight. Please pray for him.

Short on time, sorry. So here is my letter to the president. I hope google translate works well, or Randy can probably do a better job. Although I would consider myself fluent in spanish, I make a lot of mistakes. To be honest I haven't really studied spanish since the mtc. Just reading el libro de mormón and talking to people is how I have learned. But then again the Paraguayos are for the most part uneducated and mix everything with Guarani, so I tend to copy their bad habits, por ejemplo, le quiero demasiado mucho, and they say viste que in front of everything. I just realized these examples don't make sense to you, but you get the point.

Estamos teniendo mucho éxito aqui en encarnacion. tenemos muchos buenos investigadores preparandose para bautizarse. estamos trabajando con un antiguo investigador se llama richard. él vino ayer y el domingo pasado a la iglesia, le encanta. tiene un testimonio grandote, pero nunca querría comprometerse a un fecha bautismal. nuestro lección ayer fue increíble, va a bautizarse este semana. yo sé que él es mi eligido. yo sé que estoy en la area dónde el Padre quiere que yo esté.
gustavo, un joven de 18 años vino ayer tambien por el segundo vez. estamos visitandole con un converso reciente. ahora son buenos amigos y tiene mucho amistad con los jovenes. él nunca querría aceptar la invitacion bautismal, hasta que leímos 3 nefi con él ayer. él entendío el bautismo perfectamente, despues mucho silencio él dijo "entiendo porque necesito bautizarme, lo haré". tiene fecha por el 18.
estamos enseñando una familia muy buena. geraldo enseña en la iglesia bautista misionero, pero él dejo su iglesia por un día para asistir con nosotros. él es el más intelligente hombre que he conocido. va a ser un buenícimo líder en la iglesia.
en mis estudios, recien yo leí en mateo acerca de todos los milagros Jesús hizo. me encanta que él preguntó si los ciegos tienen fé que él puede hacerlo. yo sé que el Padre Celestial puede hacer milagros, pero es según nuestro fé. yo sé que si tenemos la fé, vamos a ver milagros.

ps: LaFaye is the coolest name ever if you go spanish speaking. No one believes me when I tell them how to say my name, but it is literally said like la fe (the faith). So I can always get a laugh when introducing myself with a play on words. When I talk to Argentinians I say it with their accent, la f(eye) shay. Not sure if I wrote that correctly so that you can translate it but it sounds cool in person haha

much love y amor,

elder lafaye

not sure how i sent fotos last week, not working today sorry

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