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Monday, July 29, 2013

A shark in the tank

Hola hola,

Short on time today, last Monday of the month the zl´s have consejo with the president. Takes up most of pday but well worth it. I am really getting to fully understand how to fulfill my responsibility to the max.
so.. special changes.. SAN LORENZO! this was part of the north mission but now belongs to ours. We opened up a new zone and I am training a new ZL again. Elder Gomes from Sao Paulo Brazil! He is a stud, he is going to teach me to do capoera, does Ben know how to do that? he is teaching me a lot of Portuguese, my favorite is whats up kid, yay muleki.
He also did kickboxing for a few years, it sounds like an intense sport. But he is also a super comic fan and knows a ton about computers. I think Ben and elder Gomes would get along great. There are a ton of different rules in our mission so he is trying to adapt. President Callan made Paraguay Asuncion the most obedient mission on the planet. In the North they are a lot more loose on different subjects. Elder Gomes is very humble so when I tell him of a new rule that he has to obey he easily agrees and changes. Although it is hard for him to break the habit of speaking in tĂș instead of usted. His last comp was a macanero so he is happy to be in a companionship were we obey, have fun, and baptize. We have started from 0, finding new people every day, I love this place. San Lorenzo is like fresh powder on the slopes, ready to fly. Lots of members ready to work. I have a ton more to talk about, but basically this was the shark I told you about last week. I love challenges.

Much love y amor,

Elder LaFaye