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Monday, July 16, 2012

Committed to baptism

Buenos días,
Breaking news: Bernardino (Fernando Villalba´s dad) finally committed to a baptism date!!! we have been teaching this guy for just over 2 months now. It has been a lucha, he is one of the most busiest Paraguayans ever. Always working or doing something for his kids so we only get in one lesson with him per week, 2 tops. He has such a great testimony of the gospel. the challenge for the past few weeks was getting him to recognize that he is ready to be baptized. We have had some amazing lessons with him, I'm not sure if i have told you about some of them. In fact I have no idea what I wrote last week so if I repeat myself, perdóname. There is a story in Acts 8 in the biblia about Felipe the apostal who baptizes this guy after talking to him for just a little time. It's a great example of how you don't need to know everything in order to get baptized, you just need to have a testimony and the desires to follow Jesus Christ. Bernardino has been saying that he is not ready and wants to know more before he takes that step. So we read this story but printed it out on paper in huge font so he can read it, and then changed some words to apply it to him (Felipe to Fernando, and the eunuco to Bernardino, the name of the city to Encarnacion, etc.) I felt like a Catholic priest while changing the words, pero igual no más it turned out great. Then we showed him his registro of every time we taught him to show that he has learned just about all we have to teach an investigator. In the end he wanted to get baptized in August which is forever away and he is ready to get baptized now. So I told him how much I care about him and I want to be there to see his baptism, and that I will be transferred in the beginning of August. Thankfully I have such a close relationship with him and Fernando, because it worked! He committed for the 28 of July. It's still in two weeks but at least we have a goal to look forward too. Now he has 2 more kids who will get baptized with him, Angelica 13, Alan 11. Tamara 9 has a different dad but lives in the same house as all her hermanos, so we will have to talk to the dad to get permiso. There is a 15 yr old girl Jessica and 17 yr old boy Christian who haven't came to church yet, so we will focus on them after Bernardino and the gang get dunked.

The cabin looks great, I will get there just in time to lay on the couch. Caleb looks so much older! Randon, exciting news on the NAU bball team. Feel free to tell the coach how awesome I am so I can fill your spot when you leave for the mission. But really, bendiciones cómo asi no viene frequentemente, tiene que aprovechar.
Give it all you´ve got, God will give you more.

Presidente Agazzani is the man. He has so much energy and fire for missionary work. It's like this, president Callan recieved the mission in shambles, he got it up and running good and steady, now president Agazzani is going to take off the training wheels and this place is going to explode with baptisms. He is of Italian descent and talks super super fast. He reminds me of the guy from My Cousin Vinny.

I recieved the notice for the package you sent me, I should get it next Monday. Don't worry about the water filters, the bottled water I have is good so I'm fine. And please don't send anymore packages, I know that they are pretty pricey to send and there's not really anything I need. I feel bad for asking for the peanut butter, I will definately enjoy this one but you dont send any more packages, just keep the good letters coming!

Much love y amor,

Elder LaFaye

oh i almost have my camera fixed, should be sending pics next week

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