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Monday, July 23, 2012

la iglesia verdadera

Hola hola

I recieved your package this morning, MUCHÍSIMAS GRACIAS! I almost forgot what peanut butter tastes like. Hmna Rita and her family always ask me to make them brownies, a missionary made some for them about a year ago and they absolutely loved them. every time we ask if there is anything we can do they either ask for us to cut fire wood or give them brownies, next time I can do both! (I think I have mastered the axe swing. (I have been learning all the tricks from our ward mission leader)
I have been giving a tie to all my male converts and a few members who I have become really close too so I was running out. So recently I bought 25 ties for a $1.50 USD each. Gonga of a deal.

We worked like crazy this week, and unlike last week we saw the fruits of our efforts. 7 investigators showed up to church. This is great by any standards, but we still feel a little down because there were 5 more who sí o sí were going to come and didn´t show. Domingo´s are always super tiring, unless they have a moto we go to all the investigators houses that have commited to go to church so we could walk there together. Although generally it is not wise to teach people super far away from the church, we have several fantastico investigadores that live 45 min walk to the church. We usually try to work closer that way it is easier for them to go to church but we have been teaching Bernardino, the dad of my recent convert Fernando, who lives out in the boonies. If he is not there when we have an appointment it is a waste of time to walk all the way back. So we have worked up a good pool of people that live near him to visit if his cita falls. It would be great to know how many miles I have walked each day.

Bernardino, his son Alan, and his daughter Angelica will be baptized by Fernando this Saturday. I could not be more excited to see his baptism, after 2 months it is about time! But he is doing great with kicking the smoking habit. In one of his prayers to end a lesson he gave thanks to God that he has been clean for 17 days. Even though every lesson with him is super spiritual, it is always really funny. Last week he told us he was talking to his uncle on the phone, his uncle asked him "I heard you are joining a church, que bien, which church?" He said "la iglesia verdadera" (the true church). He cracks me up. Our last lesson with him on saturday we went over the baptism questions for his interview, when I asked him if he has prayed to know if the book of mormon is true. He said no. This caught me by surprise because he always reads and has a good testimony. I asked him why. He said he didnt want to bother god with a easy question, how could it be that this book is not true? I then convinced him that God will not be bothered if he asks him a question that he already knows the answer to, so he committed to ask that night. Everyone at church loves him, he always goes around to give everyone hugs throughout church.

I loved reading about marks mission, its interesting to see all the differences between our missions. Paraguay is definitely the best mission in the world, but it is cool to hear how it is like in the states. If you get any from tyler send them over, I'm really interested in how its like in Asia. I'm sure Korean requieres much diligence in personal language study, so I'm soooo glad im not over there. The only reason I know Spanish is by reading the Book of Mormon, talking with everyone in Spanish, and having the gifts of the Holy Ghost. Not sure why but I just don't have effective language studies.

much love y amor,

elder lafaye

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