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Monday, April 2, 2012

General Conference was AWESOME


A cutting-down-a-tree-in-rain-and-lightning
service project.

Conference was AWESOME. I thought there was no way it could get better than the last one, but I was wrong. I loved how every talk was about families, and especially how the book of mormon can help our families. I was re-reading some of the notes I took, I can't pick a favorite but here's my highlight reel:
Prez Monson's story of the marines in WWII
Bednar's story of the conversion of his father
Eyering's talk about overcoming trials
Anderson's story of the 3 kids who survived Haiti
I can't wait till the conference liahona comes out. In the mission, general conference is like the super bowl and the liahona is sports illustrated, but even better because its twice a year!

There are so many things that happened that i need to tell you, sorry if my letters and been short. I can't write fast enough to tell you all everything. So here's short summaries:
The temple was amazing. b-e-a-u-tiful (jim carey voice). I did endowments and baptisms for the dead. I felt like Alma baptizing thousands in the waters of Mormon. I understood the video pretty well but the talking part was near impossible cuz the guy helping me mumbled with a paraguay accent. I just mumbled confidently so I sounded like I knew what I was saying. God understands mumble, if not, the intentions were just.
Witnessed a pig die, never want to see or hear that again!
Cambios are this Wednesday, I think I might be leaving but I will find out tonight.
We almost missed a conference session after some extraneous events. Collectivos (buses) take super long because they are always stopping and going to pick people up. The only way we could make it to Paraguari in time was to hitch hike. So we threw up the thumb and after much rejection a pickup truck stopped, we hopped in the back and got off at Ita after 20 min. Walk for a little while longer and a semi truck stopped by, hopped up in the cab and he took us to Paraguari for another 20 minutes. It was pretty sketchy at first but we saved 5 mil and gained a sweet Paraguayan experience.
dormiendo en el collectivo

I recieved the notice for my package, so I have to pay a bit and then I will recieve it next week.
Randy Reece and Robby, because I'm rediculously nice I want to buy you guys a soccer jersey. Olimpia (black/white), Cerro (blue/red), or Guarani (black/yellow). cual quiren? Guarani is just another under dog like Cerro. Olimpia is like the Yankees of futb├│l.
An investigator gave me his trompo, a giant spinning top that you throw with a rope. it is the coolest paraguayan toy ever, but super hard to throw. I'm going to master it by the time I'm done here.
Out of time for now, but I love you all, hope your doing great. Dad you really know how to attract people to crash in to you, but I hope your burns feel better pronto. When I get back I will get in line a week in advance for the next hail damage storm and by a sweet civic or something so no worries. Por lo menos we got a free flat screen with the car.

Oh, this week I encourage you all to watch some of the conference talks again on the computer, maybe some of the ones I highlighted. But there's many more about families that are perfect for family home evening.

much love,

Elder LaFaye

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