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Monday, March 26, 2012

Ryan turns 20!


Thanks for the birthday wishes, I hope your enjoy my cake. I would choose german chocolate as usual but most of you dont like the frosting so go for the vanilla or whatever you kids without good taste eat these days.
Last week we did email on Tuesday due to the temple trip. But yeah having your bday on a pday is the best. Wake up, work out, eat, study, write families, shop, and then sleep the hot hours of the day away. Yes the siesta is huge here, you can't find anyone in the streets and all the stores are closed from 12 till 3 or 4, its rediculous.

Congrats on the cub scout calling mom. That is the perfect calling for you, you always made cub scouts fun for us. Treats, games, and pine wood derby cars is really all I remember from those years though.

When I read where Bracken is going, I had that feeling of "that's exactly where he should go" kinda thing. He will do great there. I can just picture Mark Bennett in a 5 gallon cowboy hat haha. I cant believe Keaton and Ian are coming home already, que rapido pasa el tiempo. That's awesome that Tyler is going to sing in general conference, I'm super jealous. I cant sing for beans but I still wanted to go.
Caesar's baptism

We ended a bit of a streak for not having an investigator in la reunion this Sunday. Caesar was a former investigator with 2 asistencias, we dropped him back in December because he became somewhat lazy and stopped coming to church. Recently we picked him back up again and he still has the desire to get baptized because of his testimony of the Book of Mormon. It was great to introduce him to the mission president at church. I'm not sure how much he got out of the talks but he liked the presidents testimony at the end. Due to general conference we will prepare a baptism service for him this Friday. Yeah!
Another investigator almost came but had to go to the hospital for his knees. He is excited to go to general conference this week though.
We have really focused on finding families this week. We found an amazing family yesterday. The dad is studying with the testigos de jehovah, the mom is evangelico, and the daughter is catolico, but are all really open to learning about which church is true because there is a lot of confusion among them. My heart was pounding as i gave the first vision, the spirit really testified the truth to them, it was one of the most spirtitual lessons of my mission. The dad could really relate to Jose Smith and his situation saying he has had these same questions and wants to find out for him self. He told me I planted a seed in his heart and has this desire to help it grow and see where it takes him. He says he is a dificult person to find, por eso missionaries have dropped them before after teaching 2 or 3 lessons a few years ago.
We visited Hmna Flecha otra vez este semana. Her faith amazes me every time I go there. Since she is blind I am going to order a book of mormon audio and buy a cd player to help her read.
I am reading the book of mormon like crazy trying to get on track to finish it antes Junio. Reading out loud has helped my spanish so much its incredible.

Estamos un poco mojado pero el fuego adentro nuestros corazones nos da las ganas para trabajar.

con mucho amor,

Elder LaFaye

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