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Monday, April 23, 2012

Letter to the mission president

(Ryan typed this update letter to the mission president in Spanish. Since he was short on time, he just put the whole letter into a translation site and pasted it in an email. I am copying as is, mistakes and all.)
Baptism of Fernando

Hello President,

Last week was spectacular. Fernando was baptized on Saturday. It was
so buenicimo. He has many friends in the church are very supportive.
His testimony after his baptism was excellent. We are super felizes.
Now he wants to learn everything, has the desire to serve a mission in
the U.S. is practicing English and then read the book of Mormon in
English. Now let's try to teach your family, will be difficult but I
know that they can see the testimony of Fernando and change in your
The assistants Elder Durrant and Love helped us a lot. I learned a lot
of Elder Love. The thing I like most is that he is always using the
Book of Mormon. The Book of Mormon is everything. Is written with a
purpose. First it starts with a story of a family and slowly builds
into the doctrine of Christ. My desire to study the Book of Mormon are
so strong now. We work with a lot this week and saw some miracles
encourage incredible. Dyed a night home with a family member and
neighbor. We found out that she read the book of Mormon in Guarani,
Guarani learned through reading this book. Quire baptized but now she
is not married to her husband. We set some plans for a wedding next
week. He does not want to talk to us but we will see if this family
member can talk to him about marriage. Then we find a young, is 15. We
teach the restoration, and at every point we talk about baptism. He
offered the final prayer, in his prayer he asked if the Book of Mormon
is true, and if he should be baptized. Then the spirit and the silence
was very strong. He said, "I feel that these things are true. I will
read this book, and I will be baptized on May 12."
My first week we teach a woman, was very good but moved. We find him
again yesterday and she loves foyeto. studied hard. You're welcome to
be baptized on 19 May, she is very happy and feel something when we
are teaching these things. We are very excited for her.
I am studying in the book of mormon, the wars between Captain Moroni
and Amalickiah and Ammoron. I love the wars of the Lord. Has a big
impact for me because after my mission I will be an officer in the
Marines. As a leader I want to get the attributos of Christ and be
like Moroni, that the powers of hell would never have power over me.
Elder White as well. He has so much love Fernando and our
investigators. The love of Christ is central to this work. My trainer
always told me Schone Elder, the two most important things in this
book is a strong testimony of the Book of Mormon, and love for people.

Thanks for everything,

Elder LaFaye

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