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Monday, April 30, 2012

Got two packages!

Two packages!
Thanks a bajillion for the packages from you and the relief society. I have no idea what I'm going to do with that pantry full of spices. I was thinking some steak sauce and garlic salt would be sufficient, but when I find something to use chili pepper and cumin powder I will be ready. Thank you so much for finding my patriarchal blessing, I love reading it.
Jedi Master LaFaye

Short on time today. Here's the run down.
Had interviews with Presidente Callan for the last time. He is the man. We will see him in the 70 for sure.
Elder White is awesome. We have a lot of fun and work hard. That's a great combination.
We fasted as a zone to find the chosen people of God who are ready to be baptized. Found 3 this last week who si o si are getting baptized.
Enrique came to the baptism last week. He said is was too bad he wasn't wearing white or he would've been baptized too. I will have to give you the full story on this guy next time. He is the man. Reminds me a lot of dad for some reason.
Elder Oaks once said that missionaries don't bible bash... but when they do they win. A few wins under the belt, I'm doing pretty good :)
Randy, you look like a stud in your senior pic. Hope you like the semi truck I sent you.

We are going to skype the day before mothers day.

Gotta go, love ya!

Elder LaFaye
Hey, my brother's name is Randon!

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