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Monday, March 5, 2012

Working with the menos activos


Not a great week for us in Guarambare. We didnt have any investigators in the reunion. Our best investigator quien tiene 2 asistencias just went to the penitentionary in Asuncion for robbing a moto. He knows he needs to turn his life around and knows that the book of mormon is true, when he gets out he told us he wants to be baptized as soon as he can. But for now he has a lot more time to read the Book of Mormon.

We are working a lot with the menos activos right now. We went around with our presidente to a few menos activos this week but we are planning on doing splits with presidente and the first counselor this week. we want to get them more active in home teaching so they can get the other priesthood holders more involved.

Nuestros conversos recientes are doing great. Familia Reyes were out of town when presidente Callan came, they were really looking forward to meeting him too. We have taught them the charlas, and Nery Reyes is preparing to recieve the socerdocio mayor at the end of this month. He always loves to share his testimony, he is going to be a great teacher.

Right now I'm studying in the end of Mosiah. I love the story of Alma the younger when talking about arrepentimiento. I still need to improve on getting my investigators to read un parte del libro de mormon in the first lesson, so i will focus on this as well as getting them to pray on their own. I was reading through my notes from the mtc and the first day i learned that in the first lesson your goal should be to help them read some of the book of mormon, pray on their own, give some thought on baptism, and help them recognize the spirit. Once I can get these 4 points down, I think our first lessons with nuevos are going to be much better in the long run.

Elder Bowers is doing a good job as district leader, always thinking of how we can improve our weaknesses. I went on cambios con Elder Vasquez in Ita this week. It was great to have a latino comp and work in a new area. I always enjoy change, when I don't add change I tend to fall into a routine, but change always makes me work harder. Adapt, Improvise, and Overcome!

Gracias por todo,

les amo
elder lafaye

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