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Monday, February 27, 2012

A New Companion

How pé,

Gherson Reyes was baptized and confirmed! We decided to baptize him on tuesday before cambios so elder Schone could be there. The Reyes family are fantastic, still coming every sunday, paying tithing, participating in elders quorom, and even visiting menos activos. We have to in plan still because they didn't come to church last week. Ever Gonzalez has 2 asistencias but is still drinking and smoking, he wants to stop so we are going to keep working with him to drop them. Right now we are working with a lot of new investigators with only one or two lessons taught so far. We did some service for one of our members last saturday cutting down a tree, IT WAS HUGE! I hoisted up my companion with a rope and then he hacked away with a machete for about 45 minutes, it started pouring down rain and thundering about half way through to make it even more fun. He gave us some good references so we are going to go teach his sobrinos with him.

I had intercambios con elder Nelson from Saint George, we had the funniest lesson I had ever seen. We were at this guys house, 25 yrs old, who we taught once with elder Schone. when we were about to start the lesson he said he didn't want to pray because he didn't like my new companion. elder Nelson was a little confused and asked if there was something he did, or something he could do to fix it. He said no, not even God could help him, he just did not like him for some reason. He kept saying things like no me gusta, no me cae bien. It was like this for a good 5 minutes trying to figure out what was going on and what I should do, I was about to tell him we can come back tomorrow with my other companion elder Bowers and hopefully he would like him. Then he just started busting up laughing saying it was all a joke.

My new companion Elder Bowers is doing a good job adapting to the new area, he is very obediant and is excited to be a district leader. He's from Wyoming and has a sister serving in Washington. It's a whole new experience for me to switch companions and go from the training schedule to the regular missionary schedule, but I like it, more time to go out and work.
My health is great, my shoes are a little beat on the insole so I'm trying to look for some new ones but cant find any in guarambare.

Sweet, I hope you have all started the book of mormon. Here's some other ideas while your marking it.
Go through and really focus on the atonement of Christ, faith, repentance, baptism, recieving the holy ghost, and enduring to the end.
Write references. Every time possible try to think of another verse in the scriptures that is related to the one your reading and write it down. By the end its amazing to see how many connections and examples of different principles there are.
You can read through it and look up every footnote, cirle ones you like and circle the word in the verse and draw a line through it with a light yellow marker or something. it looks awesome.
just remember the key is to mark like crazy, dont mark too much as to lose the advantage of highlighting, but have fun with it. :)

Gracias por todo,

con amor,

Elder LaFaye

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