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Monday, March 12, 2012

6 months out

6 months is crazy, I cant believe a quarter of my mission is over!
Thanks for the shoes! My rockports are still rockin but the inside is rubbin away so I re-inforced them with mole skin. Looking forward to the peanut butter haha. Oh I actually found some pb in Asuncion! I stopped by a huge food store down there and came across some, but the paraguayos make it super sugury instead of with salt, so i do miss the good crunchy american stuff. I bought a camera here for about 100 bucks, its pretty legit. I could have waited and bought a 20 dollar one in Cuidad de Este but I didn't want to wait. I guess Cuidad de Este is some kind of import city so everything is super cheap.
So my companion is Elder James Bowers from Wyoming. He has about 14 months in the mission so he speaks a little better than me. Elder Skyler Schone was my trainers name, he is the man. I learned so much from him. When he finished my training he was called to be a zone leader in Asuncion with only 7 months in the field, that's almost unheard of. But cambios are April 4 so i could leave then or stay in guarambare. i love my little town but i do like change so vamos a ver.

Todavia haku here, don't think it will cool down till May :( but im slowly getting acustomed to the humid heat. Good job with the Rubiks cube and science olympiad teams mom! One kid on the streets was playing around with a Rubiks cube thinking it was impossible to solve. I forgot most of the pattern but I solved one side in under a minute and gave it back to him. (think i busted his brain a bit).

Bien hecho con su nuevo trabajo papa! and i think reece has officially beat my record in long jump, way to go man. robby if you do everything dad tells you to your are going to get ripped up like rambo in no time. randy, walk on basketball would be sweet, just make sure I get court side tickets. Benjamin feliz cumple año! haha good job with the 80s theme Caitlyn, send me some pics if you've got some.
Thanks for praying for Miguel, he has dropped alcohol and cigarettes completely, but is going through some crazy withdrawls and can barely stand up.

Alright so I'm super excited for this weeks challenge for you all. For family home evening do whatever you need to do to feel the spirit: sing your favorite hymns, pray on your knees, listen to church music in the background, anything. Then think of around 5 people you would like to the missionaries to go visit. (or however many you can think of). Then of those 5 pick 3 who would be most likely to progress and accept the Gospel and circle them. Then of those 3, choose one person whom you think is the most ready/likely to be baptized and put a star next to them. when done all of you give your papers to the missionaries with names, phone numbers and addresses if you have them. Missionaries absolutley love references, they should report back to you how the contact went, but if they dont just ask them. Have fun and suerte!

Tambien any news on my patriarchal blessing? Do you know how to get a copy? Also if you could ask bro Cook or Tenney how to get my priesthood line of authority, that would be fantastic!

Oh and those of you who are friends Johanna Valdez on facebook, she is awesome. (i think her name is paula or something of fb). But she is like my little sister down here. Feel free to ask her any questions, just type whatever into google translate first or ask randy.

les amo,
Elder LaFaye

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