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Monday, February 6, 2012

Offer a simple prayer

Bitugo shedaha,

Thanks a ton for all the letters. I`ll try to respond back to them next week cuz some of them were hilarious. Heres a few stories real quick:

So I love talking about Nery Reyes, he switched jobs so he could attend church on Sundays. Friday he was in Asuncion selling stuff to cars who pass by. After a few hours with no success, he and his son remembered our promise that whenever they needed help, offer a simple prayer. So they bowed their heads and prayed. Not too long after, a car passed by and bought about 25 mil worth of stuff (like 6usd). Then another car passed by and bought about 40 mil, then a third car completly bought him out with a wod of cash around 200 mil. The man then asked if he had more, Nery said he will meet him here the same time the next day, and then thanked him a lot and told the man that he will bring him something that will bless his life and give his family more happiness than anything else (the Book of Mormon).

Just ran out of time. Will finish the story next week.

much love!

Elder LaFaye

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