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Monday, January 30, 2012

A wedding and baptisms


I have a ton of stories but I'll try to make em quick. First off, familia Reyes and Monce got baptized!! It was incredible. Last Thursday we were filling out some papers for their baptism, when I asked the Reyes parents for their marriage date, they said no. I thought they didn't understand me so I repeated the question. Answer, no todavia. Now out of pure panic I tried rephrasing the question again hoping they were married, because they can't be baptized if they werent married. And their baptism was in three days. So for the next 3 days we scrabbled around putting this wedding together. Very stressfull but it all came together at the end. Nery Reyes has such a strong testimony of the book of mormon, he is going to be a great member and leader of this church.
Mr. and Mrs. Reyes, officially getting married.

Dressed in white. Ready for the waters of baptism.
The Reyes Familia

6 new members

Monce gets permission from mom and grandma and chooses baptism

So we went on intercambios with other missionaries again. I was with Elder Nelson who has been in the mission for a while but is new to his area. When coming back from Ita to Guarambare we took the wrong collectivo (bus). Ended up going way up north into the Paraguay Asuncion North mission before realizing, haha. Now I can say I served in two missions! It took us 2.5 hours to get back home when it was only a 40 min trip.
Had another mishap in the kitchen, boiling eggs and left the stove on when we left. Pot ruined, ten eggs down the drain, house reaks, low on gas. Got your package last Tuesday, it came really fast. Thanks a ton. I LOOOOOOVE the peanut butter. Paraguayos don't like it so its hard to find. And someone in the ward gave me their white pants tie and belt so i am good on those. My camera broke so I'm only sending ones from my companions camera till I travel to a city and buy one. Ya we have one family who feeds us once a week so its nice to get a break from my pancakes, omelets and pasta/rice.
Thanks for the letters, I love just hearing about whats going on with you guys. My Spanish is good and I can finally understand people haha. Yesterday someone was complimenting me on my spanish saying it was menos peyor haha.

love ya

Elder LaFaye

ps: look up my yearbooks from Bloomington Elementary and find Kimball Chase Nelson. He is one grade above me. He's my zone leader right now.

pps: go giants

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  1. I looked up Kimball Chase Nelson in Ryan's old elementary yearbook. He went by KC then and they were on the same Little League team Ryan's first year playing. KC's dad was the coach. Funny, small world.