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Monday, January 9, 2012

Hola, que tal?

Hola familia!
Short on time today so I will try to recap my week real quick. Had 4 investigators come to church yesterday, pudette. Hmna Flecha was brought to church by a member since she can't see, but we have a baptism date for her this Saturday! Nery Reyes and his family are awesome. He has seven kids, their ages are 14, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, and 2. We contacted and taught him my second day here but couldn't find him for about a month. Finally he got a week off from work so we taught him almost everday this last week. He read all of First Nephi in 4 days, since then he read all the intro, Joseph Smith history, and 3Nephi 11. He is soo ready for baptism, I love it. We have some other great investigators that I`ll talk about next week when we teach them more, Jose Maria Mendoza and Miguel Nunez. So this last week we tried something a little different to get an inactive member to come to church. We made pancakes and omelets and brought it to him and ate breakfast. Don't think he liked my pancakes too much but he still came to church, success! I dont know if I told you this already but i watched 17 miracles, its the church's new movie about the pioneers, it is amazing. You gotta watch it. We just started working on building a volleyball and futbol field for the youth in our branch. Tough work but it will be great to have something for them to do.
Oh dad, my companions dad started the company LifeStrength. It's like Power Band but he says his is a lot better. I can't explain it but they use a different element which makes it more effective. He showed me a watch that has the same stuff in it, its sweet. So I told him I´ll try to get my family and school to support it and maybe he`ll give me his watch haha.
Oh 2 more stories, while I was eating lunch at a members home, my wooden chair broke in half and i hit the deck. I'll show a pic next week. 
Greese fire when it was still small
Writing in the soot before cleaning up
So the pic with a bonfire in our kitchen was an interesting story. We were boiling oil to make empanadas, but we made the mistake to put the top on the pan. After a few minutes a lot of steam was coming out so E Schone called me saying my oil is burning, jokingly. When he took off the cover, spontanious combustion sparked a flame about 2 feet high. So I thought it was hilarious so i took a picture. When Schone tried to put it out, he thought it`d be a good idea to blow on it. This just sprayed oil all over the wall and fueled the flame so its about 4 feet high. At this point black smoke is filling our house and we have no idea what to do. We had to do something fast before the cabinets caught on fire so Schone told me to fill up a bowl of water. I knew water wouldn't put out an oil fire but if we just sat there our house would have burnt down. So I filled it up gave it to him, when he threw it on, the fire went so massive it touched the roof and walls. I booked so fast in our back yard I was 15 yrds before I could say anything. When I came back the flame disapeared into nothing. A miracle! I still have no idea how that flame went out. I think it was God blowing it out saying ``you stupid missionaries``. 
Anyways gotta go. Tell that story to bro Parris, he`ll get a kick out of it haha.

love ya,

Elder LaFaye

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  1. Ryan's dad works for SERVPRO restoring homes that have caught fire and Ryan's mom is a chemistry teacher. You would think Ryan would know how to put out a greese fire. Goes to show you that experience is the best teacher. I am glad they did not burn their house down.