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Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year

Hola familia,

(most of his letter this time was responding to dad about his job and football. Leaving that out)

I make pancakes and eggs for breakfast every morning, and sometimes for lunch. It was dulce de leche in my Christmas pic (caramel). Because we shop on Mondays, by the time we get to sunday night i sometimes run low on food, hence the apple and caramel haha.

I can't believe Keaton gets home this year, that was extremely fast. Tell Mark to just have fun, its the only 2 years you get to have these amazing experiences, some bad but most are good haha. You can give my email out to close friends, some days i might not get to answer them but i love reading about them. I'm not sending out any letters, too expensive.

Dad I'm trying to make the best of my half hour work out time to be able to beat you in an arm wrestle contest when I get back haha.

Te amo,
Elder LaFaye
Strippling Warrior

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