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Monday, August 27, 2012

My families conversion story

Hola, how are you?

okay so I have a list of random things I wanted to ask you:

Dad- the zone leaders asked me to talk a little about my family's conversion story for the next zone conference. (I like to consider myself a convert even though I was baptized at 8 yrs old :) but I don't remember anything about the missionaries. Dad can you write me a little about your conversion story? Add in some stuff like how the elders found you, what their first approach was like to enter the house, what you liked about those missionaries in particular or anything you didnt like, and how you came to know that their message was true. And anything else, I just made up this list but add whatever you can remember. It's pretty cool to be the first missionary from a first generation lds family (on dad's side). I think there is only one other American convert in our mission, the rest are latinos. Even though I was really young, I could feel a difference when we came to the church of Jesus Christ.
Zone Conference with Elder Zaballos of the 70

Also, can you send me some awesome football motivating speach? I am guessing I will probably be a DL soon and I want to have some animo stuff to share. So if you come across anything that you can relate to missionary work send it over.

If anyone can find a book of mormon audio in Porteguese online, please send it over. I'm going to start reading it in porteguese and listen to it as I read so I can learn how to say things. I am super close to Brasil right now so the majority of the people here speak both languages. Some only speak Porteguese. (mom already sent this)

Any ideas in how I can make beans taste better? Does Bush's baked beans have a recipe? And I want to cook some fish but I forgot how to cook them. I think I can still clean them though. Oh and how can I make orange chicken and fried rice? I am craving some Panda. (mom sent recipes after reading this)

An elder just gave me the nickname of el arrepentimiento, haha.
Do you know if that huge coat I bought for New York is expensive? It's not really water proof and it takes a lot of space to pack, do you mind if I leave it behind?

So I am convincing Elder Salinas to join the Coast Guard with me. He wants to be a dentist. On our home computer I left some info on the notes app. Go there and check out the website of the Coast Guard OCS program. Send any info over if you have time.
Dad - I have a pureté idea. you or randy should get a job at Delta airlines. You will have sweet benefits, free flights across the states and only pay the tax on international. You could all come down here when I end my mission and we could go visit all my converts!!!!! That would be an experience of a lifetime.

Randy - sweet news about the blessing. I have a cool part about sharing the gospel in mine too. (and a part about the second coming, but we will share that in person :)
How is NAU going? I bet you are loving the weather. How is the basketball team? I wish I could play some bball here, it would be great if I could walk on at BYU Hawaii.

Our best investigator is Mariella. reference from a member familia. She has 3 daughters and no husband. She is doing great. She loves the plan of salvation and all that she is learning from the BOM. Her baptism is on the 8th.
Elder Schouten just baptized 6 of my old investigators, too bad I wasnt there, but I know the lord needs me here.

mucho besos y kisses,

Elder LaFaye
(el arrepentimiento)

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