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Monday, September 3, 2012

Baptism goal is 7 for Sept.

Mini Me

Hola hola,

It's been a great week. We are starting to see a lot of success in Hernandarias. 6 investigators came to church, we were literally running Sunday morning to bring people to church, I hope that doesn't break the Sabbath day.

 It was a crazy Sunday. One kid passed out and hit the deck, so we brought him inside to see what was wrong. His brother said he hasn't been feeling good the past few days and has been very depressive. He doesn't have any sickness or history of seizures so it was really odd. We sat him on a chair to give him a blessing, he wasn't unconscious but it looked as if no one was home. When we started to give the blessing his body started going crazy, luckily we had 5 men in there to hold him still, (one of which was our investigator Ceasar). Hermano Miranda said a really quick blessing because this guy was going out of control. Right when he said amen the boy was calmed like when Jesus commanded the storm to end. It was intense.

We are finding some great familias to teach. This area has a lot of horshoe shaped apartment buildings, so we go knock on every door and find 3 familias right next to eachother, it is awesome.
We have been visiting a menos activo kid named Hugo, he came to church the past 2 weeks and has rekindled his fire to share the gospel. He turns 18 this week and is really excited to serve a mission. He gave us a ton of great refferences. 2 of his cousins, Junior and Juliana are getting baptized sí o sí. here is a quick recap of our first lesson with them. Junior is 12, Juliana is 9.
"will you pray to know if these things are true?" - us
"yes" - juliana
"and if god says yes?" - us
"we should thank him" - juliana
"how can you thank him?" - us
"follow in his steps" - junior
"(showing the picture of baptism). how can you follow his steps? - us
"be baptized." - junior
"will you follow the example of jesus christ and be baptized on the 15th of september?" - us
yes :) - junior and juliana

Then Hugo told us there is a family of 8 close by, he says the mom loves him like her own so knows she will let us in. We came by yesterday, we taught them and then they gave us asado (lots of steak/chicken/sausages.)

Oh by the way, if the missionaries come by to eat with you again and leave without asking for references, slap them on the back of the head and give them a reference of whom they can go visit and baptize.

Our baptism goal for september is 7. There were 7 baptisms in this area in 2011, lets see if we can match it this month. We have the people, Diosnel, Ceasar, José, Mariella, Nelson, Junior and Juliana, and this family of 8 is looking pretty promising, but we will wait and see for them. We found a challenge with Mariella though. Her ex husband still passes by to see his daughters, he is a drunk and does not like that we pass by to talk to Mariella. We always bring a member with us, but Parguayos are super jealous of anyone that talks to their girlfriend/wife. We are going to try teaching her in the house of a member to avoid him stopping by. 

So here is an idea for FHE. It's not really possible to know what a mission is like without being a full time missionary, but there are some videos online you can watch that will give a really good feel for it. In my mission call it talks about some videos called the district. For fhe this week go watch the first video on the district 2. (district 2 is better than the first). It's about real missionaries and real investigators, all the ups and downs they face. I have seen these videos dozens of times, they are really helpful to learn how to teach more effectively and what mistakes not to make. (if its available, watch the chastity lesson with Germán on district 2, priceless.)

un abrazos fuerte!

elder lafaye, arrepentimiento, y bautismo :)

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