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Monday, June 4, 2012

Trip to the zoo

Okay, heres a few exciting/interesting events:
Went to the zoo last pday, the leopard was a beast. saw a snake attack a rabbit, they are crazy fast.
We were teaching a hombre with a member, his son was a cabasuro, trouble maker. it was going very well. just when I started to say the first vision, I hear drip drip drip, we look around and his son peed on the floor. My companion busted up laughing, we had to end the lesson right there.
Found THE coolest 17 yr old ever, se llama Pedro. Taught him the restauration and the book of mormon the first time we taught him. He was really excited to read it and recieve his answer. we passed by the next day just to see how his lectura went, he said he read and prayed but didnt recieve his answer, so he said he was going to do it again that night. We passed by the next day and he recieved his answer. When I invited him to be baptized he answered without hesitation. heres how my invite went "we are preparing a baptism service for you on the 23 de junio." before i could continue he replied "23? ya sounds good, I can get baptized on that day. " only bad news is we passed by Sunday morning to bring him to church. he almost broke down crying cuz his dad wouldnt let him go, catolico family. pero no importa. We are going to talk to the dad and baptize him.
Sorry Robby, couldn't answer your questions, I will get them next time for sure. But I did read your letter in the box, it was the best handwritten letter I've ever read, I will frame it in my house some day.
Gotta go, much love and kisses
Elder LaFaye

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