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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Live the Gospel

So it's been a while since I have sent a good letter home, so I will make this one better.
Paraguay is the hottest AND coldest place I have ever been too. Weird right? 3 days in a row this week were absolutely brutal. In the winter the sun goes down at 5:30, waaay too early, and we work till 9 or sometimes 9:30. So it's a good 4 hours of piercing cold weather. Honestly it probably only gets down to 35 degrees, but the humidity of Paraguay and the rivers of Encarnacion mixed with strong wind, hace frio! (ra-uh in guarani). Before the mission I loved the cold, but this humid cold chills to the bone. The first chance I got I bought some gloves, a sweater and a scarf. Its funny to think I left to the mtc without even a jacket, I'm so glad you sent me that columbia one. Hmna Rita said she will find some ear muffs for me. She is like my mom in Encarnacion. I guess I am a real mammas boy because in both my areas there is one hermana who treats me like their son.
Your summer sounds really fun, San Diego temple, the beach, passing league football, working on the cabin, student orientation, and the election. Just make a absentee ballot for me, I'm sure you can guess who I will vote for.
Pedro is 17, when he turns 18 he can make his own decision to be baptized. he is still pureté, we are going to work on his dad. We are going to visit him with our presidente and his son. Hopefully this will show the great example of kids who grow up in the church.
We found a miracle this week, an appointment with an investigator fell so we started clapping houses on that street. We found a lady who is a member, she was baptized when she was 8 but is inactivo. She has 2 kids Damian y Mathias who want to get baptized. They have assisted the church in the past, they are some of the smartest little kids I've met. The first time we taught them they asked us when they could get baptized, so we will have a baptism for them this Saturday. We are passing by with Hmna Rita to reactivate the mom and then baptize the dad in the future.
Fabio Flourentine came to church for the second time. He is 28 and very smart, he is probably a genious that doesn't know how to use his smarts cause he didnt go to college. Every lesson with him is super powerfull. When we found him, his said elder White taught him a few times but stopped passing by for some reason. After these last 2 weeks of teaching him, he knows the Book of Mormon is true, Joseph Smith is a prophet and this church is true. His doubt is about baptism. He was baptized in another church a few years ago.
This is a bit weird but I have developed a passion for chopping wood with an axe. Wednesdays we do service for Hmna Rita chopping fire wood. not sure why I love it so much, but it's a good exercise and fun service.
So here's my spiritual thought. I was studying in Mathew 7:16-18 and Mosiah 5 today. We need to live the gospel. It is the only way to know for certain that this evangelio is from God. For every principle, from tithing to the sabbath day, we need to understand the principle, live the commandment, and then we will recieve a testimony that it is a true gospel principle. If we really know that this is the true church and want to live the gospel, we are going to have the desires to share the gospel with everyone. If you dont have these desires yet, focus on living the gospel. take every doctrine principle one by one, do your best to fully understand it and then live it. if you have these desires, share the gospel with your family friends neighbors. Randy, Reece and Robby get ready for the mission chera á. It's incredible. Mom and dad, get ready for the senior mission, I know your not that old yet haha but you two will be great missionaries. If dad can sell the gospel like he sells water, home loans and cars you are going to have a lot of success, not to mention moms loving personality and all-state teaching skills. Caitlyn, you're not off the hook either, college is the best chance to share the gospel. I started day dreaming in my personal studies of a family reunion after my mission. I can picture all of my 20 cousins and 20 aunts and uncles gathered around in our cabin as we have a family home evening guasú. (guasú = really big). I know they all can't wait to get baptized, they just dont know it yet. In Doctrine and Covenants dice, many people are willing to accept the gospel but dont know where to find it. It's a miracle that we have found the true church of Jesus Christ. What a blessing right? Out of all the people who have lived and died without even hearing about it, we have found it and accepted it. Now it's our time to help others obtain the same felicidad that this gospel has given us.
much love y amor,
Elder LaFaye

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