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Monday, December 5, 2011

Our goal is to baptize one person each week

Buenos dias familia!

It's been a pretty crazy week. I was sick the first few days from some bad chicken I had on the flight from Brazil to Paraguay. I threw up like 10 times. Bet that wasn't the first thing you wanted to hear from me, haha. Anyways, my trainer, elder Schone is awesome. I couldn't have asked for a better trainer/companion. My area is about 2 hours south of asuncion, a super small town called Guarambaré. We are the only missionaries in this area so we kinda run this place, ha. Dirt roads, all kinds of different houses, tons of chickens and dogs, ox pulling carts, everyone drives a motorcycle here, very poor people but very humble and always willing to talk. We almost never tract but we do a lot of contacting. Everyones outside so we just stop and talk to people on the street. we dont knock on people doors, mainly cuz half the people dont have one. so you walk up to their yard and clap a few times. We were going to baptize a little girl Monce on saturday, but after we started to fill up the font at 1:00, we came back at 6:00 and the plug came loose and all the water was gone. She was soo sad. So we will get her going next Saturday. Our goal is to baptize one person every week. It's do-able but we have to work hard. We don't have a big church building like in Tucson because we only have like 30 active members, so we have a meeting house. There are a ton of less active members here so half our time goes to them and the other half goes to finding new investigators. I am learning a lot of spanish and a little bit a guarani. I think Guarani was the language of the Lamanites cuz its just a bunch of one syllable noises. Just went food shopping, I miss Frys and Walmart. I hear sending a package is really expensive and takes 1 to 2 months to send, but if you were planning on doing so, can you send some of this stuff, big tub of crunchy peanut butter, trail mix, sunscreen, white baptism pants and a white tie, power bars or cliff bars, recipes for syrup, pancakes, speghetti sauce. If it costs too much to send don't worry about it. Well, got to go preach the gospel. Love you all, hope you are doing buenicimo. I´ll send some pictures later. Talk to ya next week.

Elder LaFaye

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