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Monday, December 19, 2011

Which club do you belong to?


We are going to Skype Saturday at 3pm our time. So I think that's 11 your time. I sent a friend request to cassilafaye, so please accept, it would make me muy feliz. 

Another baptism fell through this week :( 17yr old Caesar is soo ready to get baptized, but he had to go somewhere last minute on Sunday. When they don't come to church we push their baptism date back. Still having problems with Monce´s mom, she does not like us at all. Hmna Flecha´s family couldnt bring her to church again. so we haven't been making our baptism goal of one per week so far, but they will all get baptized before I leave Guarambare. Just takes time.
lots of soccer fields
If you live in paraguay, youre either a fan of Olympia or Cerro, (soccer teams). Olympia just won the league and Cerro came in second. So the whole town errupted with fireworks, music and drunk people. It was impossible to find people to teach during the games, so we literally plan around soccer games. I'm Cerro, red and blue, but my companion is Olympista so he is super feliz. Cant wait till the olympics next year, that will be interesting. yesterday we were teaching hermano Vega, 90yr old who can barely walk, see or listen. But his testimony is very strong and is always happy. While all the fireworks were going off we asked him if which club he belongs to, Olympia or Cerro. He looked at us for a moment and then pointed to my name tag and said "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, thats my club." I love that guy.

Les amo muchisimo, tengo un muy pudette familia. (pudette=cool in guarani)


Elder LaFaye

See you in a week!!!

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