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Monday, December 12, 2011

God speaks to her in her dreams. . .

Hey Familia,

I´m doing great. But we didnt get to baptize Monce again. This time we had water, a cake, members, everything but Monce. We went to find her at her grandmas house, her grandma loves the gospel but doesnt go to church so she is less active. But she still fully supports Monce in her baptism decision and is excited for her. When we get there she was saying a bunch of stuff I didnt understand. Through translation I found out that the grandma and the mom (also a less active) had an argument 30 minutes prior about her baptism. The mom was saying Monce is too young to know if she wants to be baptized so she took off on her motorcycle and took Monce to her aunts house like 30 minutes away. Very discouraging. So we are going to work with the mom and get her another baptism date. We had 7 other baptism commitments but they fell through again because they didnt come to church. That is the hardest thing to do, get people to come to church. I love the people here in Guarambaré, but it is hard to get them to come to church. I can get over 20 commitments to attend church from non members and less actives, but when Sunday comes around they are no where to be found. Anyways, I will try to make the rest of this letter a little more uplifting, haha.
I have to tell you about some of our investigators, they are definitly people the Lord has prepared for us. We have been teaching hmna Flecha since before i got here, she has the faith of Moses I'm sure. She is very old and blind so she cant come to church very often, and she lives out in the jungle so its a good 30 minute walk to church. Every visit she will tell us of her dream she had the night before. One was about when she was washing her clothes in a bucket of dirty water, then saw a bucket of clean water and wanted to wash her clothes in the clean water. I'm almost positive God speaks to her in her dreams after the things she has told us. Oh and she has an awesome pet monkey. I was afraid to hold it because they said it might bite my ear, so here I am close enough to it.

Thomas is my newest golden investigator. he came over as we just started a lesson with a recent convert and sat down with us. We couldn't teach the restoration fast enough. He was fascinated with the Joseph Smith story so we read JS history also. Just when we thought we were done he asked about why we cant drink coffee, so we gave him a quick overview of the word of wisdom and he loved it. The only bad thing is he lives 30 minutes away so we can only teach him when he comes to David´s house.
Real quick, if you have room in that package can you put in my addidas sandals? shopping around here is interesting. Fruit is extremely cheap, but things like a box of cereal or sunscreen is rediculous. i just bought 50 eggs for the week for about 3 or 4 bucks. But a box of frosted flakes is almost 5 USD, weird. I cant find any tortillas around here so i miss my mexican food. But im a king at making empanadas.
Love you all, your awesome. Gracias por todo.


Elder LaFaye

(they have the hardest time reading my name)
ps i can only send 3 pics at a time.

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