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Monday, April 29, 2013

My younger brother entering the MTC this week


I cant believe this week has come.. Randy is entering the MTC, and my trainer Elder Schone gave his farewell testimony in his last consejo de lideres. I'm probably entering my last month in Ybate. Time flyyyyyys by.
It was a good/interesting week. In my mission I have learned that I have a lot of patience with investigators.. sometimes this is good, and sometimes bad. This week it turned out good. We have been teaching Derlis for about 2 months, he has a problem with crack, and many times fails to read his assigned chapter in the BoM. I'm sure many would have dropped him by now, but por suerte we didn't give up. He came to church this week for the first time, in a suit jacket and all. He stood out in the Sunday class of gospel principles like a genius. He made an analogy of the story of Naaman y Eliseo (a movie from the old testament we watched with him last week) connecting it with tithing, leaving me and the class astounded. The teacher replied "I hope you get baptized soon so you can stand and teach the class while I sit and listen." I have to say watching that movie was revelation. To heal his leprosy, Naaman simply had to dunk himself 7 times in the river. Naaman (war leader) was expecting the prophet to do something miraculous, but rather gave him a simple task to do. What impacted Derlis is when a soldier asked Naaman, if the prophet told you to do something extremely hard (like climb a high mountain or other difficult task) and you would be healed, would you not do it? Applying this to Derlis, he would do anything to break his addiction to crack if he knew it would heal him. He just needed to have the faith and attend church on Sundays to prepare for baptism, and he came!!!
Okay I love you all. Randy you are going to be a stud missionary cherĂ¡. Always be humble with lots of energy to baptize. Learn as much as you can, but make it fun. The MTC will pass by super fast. Make it the funnest month of your life. If you are not having fun, your doing something wrong. Have fun by studying hard with your comp, have fun by practicing teaching each other, have fun by baptizing. Te amo hermano,

Elder LaFaye

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