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Monday, April 22, 2013

Election Day in Paraguay

Hola que tal cómo está?

Randy!! I'm super excited for you bro. Do you know how long you will be in the MTC? I heard it was cut down to a month for foreign languages. You just have to love every minute in there. You will remember that first day forever.

Well, yesterday was the weirdest day of my mission. It was elections day in Paraguay. Horacio Cartes v.s Efrain Allegra. Cartes won as president. He is a well known drug lord in South America and owns the biggest cigarette factory in the country (which by the way was in my last area, Hernandarias.) A great guy to have as president of your country. Anyways, election days are pretty crazy down here so president Agazzani told all the missionaries to stay inside all day, except for church. We didn't know what to do with ourselves, after deep cleaning the place for 2 hours, we spent the day playing uno, watching church movies and planning for the zone. Torture.

We have some great investigators right now. Pascual has 2 friends and his uncle that are preparing for the 11th to be baptized. A while ago we found Claudio in the street, we thought he was a little crazy so we didn't go by his house. He is a huge fan of Bob Marley kind of guy. After running into him a few more times he found us walking by his house so he came out and invited us in. Funny how God is so persistent. We taught him the Restoration and surprisingly he understood it perfectly. 2 days later we passed by to see how his reading went in the Book of Mormon. his reply "i read, i prayed, and received an answer. The next day I faced a big challenge which reinforced my answer." He talks super fast, it's as if his head is set on fast forward, he thinks a few steps ahead of the rest of us. From what his parents tell us he is really good at thinking 7 steps ahead but forgets to do steps 3 and 4. He is in his late 20´s, I really think this guy would be a super genius if he was sent to a good high school and college. It's hard to describe his personality, but it's a lot like those TV show sales men. He can make anything look good. The second time we met him in the street I wrote down his number but my pen ran out of ink, he pulled out his pen and showed me all the different uses of a pen. I didn't know how useful it could be. Okay, enough about him... what else...

Painting a house with Companion Elder Garcia
My comp Elder Garcia is a stud. It's weird being with a Latino at first, often when he asks me a question while I'm doing something else, I answer him in English without realizing. He just stares at me like I'm dumb, haha.

Well got to go. Randy anything you want to know or what to bring email me before next Monday. Not sure if I told you already, but sí o sí read this talk before going in. "The 4th missionary"

les quiero mucho!

Elder LaFaye

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