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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Feliz Navidad

hmno Villalba is a black belt master at karate
RANDON cherá I love you man. I am soo excited that you are going on the mission. Every one take a guess as to which lucky country gets this kid for 2 years. my guess........CHINA.
My comp received an email from his mom. 2 kids from his hometown received calls to Taiwan speaking Mandarin... until the China mission opens up. It will open up soon and the prophet will send in hundreds of missionaries to explode the country with converts. The last few general conferences have been in preparation for this. Monson and Holland's talks on missionaries seems like it has had an effect as to the number of missionary papers coming in. Then lowering the age to 18 opened the possibilities to many more, and I'm not sure but I heard the MTC shortened the time. Missionaries to the states go 1 and a half weeks, Spanish and other languages go 4 weeks, and Korean, Japanese and other crazy languages go 8 weeks. I should probably repent because I am pretty jealous of the crew that gets to be the first elders thrown into china. I love this work.
Oh dad, one request especial for you. I need some ideas on how to excite and motivate other missionaries. what are some things the football team does before games? Anything from the navy I can do? You are the go to guy when it comes to motivation, so whenever you come across anything, send it my way. Some elders here are just working to work, they need a spark of excitement to get them going. Gracias papa. (quotes are good too)
elder lafaye
Oh Merry Christmas!

I found an arbol de la navidad!

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